: YEAR 2019
Interior design for bare shell unit. We design the living space to be suitable for the lifestyle of the owner. Most interior decorations are in dark wood with the gimmick of blue, white and light brown to soften up the space.
The living room is the biggest area in the room. The dark wood built in hide many storage space with no present of handles. Arrive at the door, the first thing we see when entering the living room is a long coffee bar where the owner loves to drip coffee and serves it to neighbors and friends.
The sofa and TV space is designed to fit in a big screen where we feel comfortable to watch from any area in the room.
The small furniture design is functioned to be able to switch around. The small sofa table is delicately designed to flip up and serves as a working table. Along with the high bar which is designed to be half circle to be able to sit around and gather for drinks!
Period: 2019 
Total area: 90 sqm 
Location: Chiang Mai