: YEAR 2023
Shophouse Renovation 2023
Mimicking the bar idea from the first branch done by our studio , the solid wood finishes and the L – shape bar design is then mirrored in this branch where the space is bigger and filled with bench seatings, bench corners and group seating.
We also create rhythm of geometry on the stairs. To gives a bit of photogenic walkway Heading to the hotel rooms. There’re not a lot of room type as it is renovated from a very small apartment of the old building. we are restricted to keep most of the room as is.
The main gimmick of this space is not only the hanging bar where we displayed bottles and Japanese drinks decorations above the individual seating area, but also the DJ. Table where we hi-lighted the awesome energy with the painting at the back wall and glowing  orange salt bulb.
Period: 2023
Area: 60 sqm.
Location: Santitham Chiang Mai