: YEAR 2020
Renovation project of the old apartment building. The idea of this hotel started of with the name “Maple”, the owner’s favorite tree. We took the idea of the geometry from the maple leaves and the color of bright wood to play along with this building refurbished.
From the reception , the restaurant area to the rooms. The triangular tip of maple will pop up to be seen from anywhere. 
We also create rhythm of geometry on the stairs. To gives a bit of photogenic walkway Heading to the hotel rooms. There’re not a lot of room type as it is renovated from a very small apartment of the old building. we are restricted to keep most of the room as is.
We decorated the room with built-in bed base, storage for bags and shoes all in warmth wood to give us a cozy feeling as we are entering the room. We chose to play with some other elements in the bathroom such as the tiles color, the shape of the mirror etc. 
Period: 2021
Total area: 4 Floor: 17
units * 300sqm per floor*
Location: Chiang Mai